who’s me

I appeared for the first time on the net in far 1992, when pc screens were black with green characters and no resolution, even LD.
When a new network was starting I was suddenly in, the same happened with ircnet, hotmail, facebook, youtube, and all others.
I started talking with the world population using my old CB [27mHz radio CitizenBand] nickname TheFlash, after became DaFlash, then the Gianni Flash that you see today.

I was still watching tv, but the net helps you to wake yourself the fuck up, or puts you in a static sleep state….it depends if you are using it or if IT HAS YOU, like the matrix.
Since I noticed that tv is a bullshits index only, I started to use that fucking control tool to have some topics to research about…and holyshit how many things turned out to be fake: THE FUCKING EVERYTHING.

After some years of research I left my job as express courier [https://videa.hu/videok/vicces/10-anni-di-expre-courier-8gRFXmEv1OMexmLJ], and to improve my research I moved to the near Slovenija [I was born in shitaly], where i was able to find my personal connection to Mother Earth, finally LIVING, collecting rainwater and growing my own medicine my own food.

That’s pretty it.

nessuno può cercare per te, nessuno può trovare per te, la ricerca personale è una libera scelta